Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Letterology: Stone Printing

Letterology: Stone Printing: "The series of photographs above are of Reynolds Stone 's old ironhand presses. Stone (1909 - 1979) was a very distinguished British wood..."

Friday, January 28, 2011


Originally uploaded by Photographer Christine Taylor.

This are the three finals of a small project shot digitally, then translated into the look of a classic solarized print. I used to do this in the darkroom, but now use Photoshop. First you want to shoot a very evenly lit portrait. When you open your file create a second layer and do your touchups using the bandaid tool. After that create a third layer and desaturate it, then finally a fourth layer of the desaturated image and blend it as an adjustment layer - I used Difference for this look, but you can use others for a variation of looks. I suggest going through each layer to find what you like.

So voila, that is it.

This technique does not look great for everything, do be careful!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Home Fashion

home fashions
Originally uploaded by Photographer Christine Taylor.

Gather up some designer wears, an attractive friend and hang out. You can do anything with any kind of equipment.

This photo is shot in the home of its subject very early in the morning. The model's head is over just far enough to make her seem headless.

It is planned to recreate this image in the studio with a designer chandelier.

In the mean time enjoy the home feel.

Monday, May 04, 2009


Originally uploaded by Photographer Christine Taylor.

Lighting is not natural sunlight.

The set is outside, with strobes mixed in with hot, bright sky light.

One light is set to come into the side of the car, the other is set to come into the back.

Then a disk reflector is used with gold covering to shine in golden light as fill.

On the inside there are two slaves that pop on specific spots for added light peaks.

This is not a fashion shoot, rather an portrait shoot of Portland's most famous stripper named Malice.

She is a Northwest icon, and has contributed to a whole slew of other women following in her dance steps, so-to-speak.

Lovely to work with. Easy to direct and professional.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Photo illustration - example

Retouching and Illustration example

Retouching and Illustration example
Originally uploaded by Photographer Christine Taylor.

Retouching and Illustration example by Photographer Christine Taylor.
Here I needed to make the sea otter more true to their original living appearance. Then I also wanted a little more action so added in the splashes by going to the water front at Lake Michigan and photographing it. Then I cut it out and pasted it in, blended and matched it.

One of the tricks to great composite work is matching up angle, and light. If you get those two elements correct (so shoot with it in mind) you can composite seamlessly - with a lot of blending practice too).

Be sure to match pixel size, lighting, angle and then when you blend make sure the edges of the piece you cut out and add in has edges that match the other edges in the image - usually with a feather of about 1px to 3px (depending on distance the item is from lens).

Also take into account any light cast that may exist in real life - for instance here - on a grey overcast day surrounded by water. You will have a cyan / blue less contrasty image.

The skin tone of your human subject should not be properly skin tone balanced, rather be balanced for standing in this type of lighting.

With sunlight it changes according to time of day. In snow is also changes with time of day and with type of sun (warm or cold).

Do some research and practice and most of all be patient - it takes a LOOOONG time to cut out and do it well.

Its a craft that can be learned.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

One morning

Originally uploaded by Photographer Christine Taylor.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Originally uploaded by Photographer Christine Taylor.

The Americans

Originally uploaded by Photographer Christine Taylor.